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NEW!!! Food Engineer MSc. program!!!



General description and the goal of the education

A certified food science and technology engineer is skilled in the fields of production, technology, planning of operations, management of economic processes, development of products, quality assurance, tender-writing, and is capable of undertaking management tasks while taking into account technical and economic aspects.

The main technology areas: Dairy, meat-, poultry-, bakery-, confectionery- and milling industry. Besides the technology we give useful information about the Food Safety, Food Analytics, Quality management, Physical Chemistry of Food, Applied Statistics, Transport Phenomena in Food Industry, etc..

The name of the diploma: Food Engineer MSc.



Required documents for the application:

  • Certified copy of your BSc Diploma and Certificate listing all the subjects you have taken and the grades you have achieved. Accepted diploma is related on food- or biotechnology, biology, chemistry, agriculture/agronomy; connecting with Biology, Microbiology, Analytical-, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. Food Engineer BSc diploma is an advantage.
  • Certificate of English knowledge – B2 level.
  • Photocopy of your valid Passport or Identification Card
  • Medical certificate for food industrial practice (1.Hepatitis B blood test results (valid within five years) or Hepatitis B vaccinations (minimum of two shots required: indicating your name, dates of vaccinations and type of the serum; valid within 10 years). 2. Hepatitis C test result. 3. HIV test result 4. Chest X-ray result. Only paper based result required (CD/X-ray film is not required).5. Vaccination Card or Immunization Records issued by your General Practitioner.
  • Proof of Payment 110 USD / 100 EURO Application Fee (non-refundable).

Payments can be made by wire transfer in USD/EURO to the bank account below:

Account name:

USD Account (IBAN) Number:

Bank name:

Bank address:

Swift/BIC code:

As a remark on the transfer sheet, please indicate your name and “MK”. Please note that commission charges have to be paid by the applicant.


Documents are only accepted as attested copies in English language or as certificates with an authorized English translation.



Application procedure:

All applicants must register online at During the online registration process, you are required to register your personal details.

After the online registration, you can follow the procedure of your application by checking your online account.


Applicants have to upload all the required documents to the University site

Rolling admission is managed; the completion of documents can finish until the Entrance exam (first week of April). All the uploaded documents will be checked by administrative staff for completeness, and will be checked by academic staff for professional aspects.

  • Deadline of the application: 1st of March. Applicants are asked to apply as early as possible. Please note that places are offered on a first come first served basis. If you fail to fulfil the requirements indicated in your Letter of Acceptance you will be registered on the waiting list. Late applicants are considered based on place availability.
  • Administrative acceptance of application: 31st of March.


Entrance exam

Entrance exam is performed at first week of April, the exact date of the entrance exam will be announced automatically by Modulo system.

  • The Entrance exam has two parts (written test and oral discussion). The written test is an automatically generated and evaluated written test. The test will be uploaded on an University website and the access login data will be sent to the candidates after receiving the uploaded proof of payment 170 USD/150 EURO Examination fee (non-refundable).
  • Participants will have one week to access the test (first week of April), and the candidates have only 30 minutes to finish it. There is only one occasion to fill it in during the given seven days.
    • The required result of Entrance test is minimum 50%.
    • Info-Letter will be sent to Candidates having approved application and written exam result within the information about the Skype discussion. The topic of discussion is mainly the motivation of the studies.


The Acceptance Letter will be sent at the end of May.


Tuition fee for the first semester (2000 Euro) has to be transferred to the bank account indicated in your Letter of Admission until 30 of June.


As a remark on the transfer sheet please indicate your name and “MK”. Please note that commission charges have to be paid by the students.



Starting of the course:

  • The first semester will start at the beginning of September. We will inform the Students about the exact starting date and other necessary information by e-mail and or Welcome Package.

Welcome Package

The University of Szeged welcomes all international students wishing to study in Szeged, Hungary. Our Welcome Package includes useful information regarding visa, transfer to Szeged, arrangement of temporary accommodation and your studies to insure your safe arrival and a smooth adaptation to your new environment. This document will be available in PDF format at the home page of University. The link is going to be indicated in your Letter of Acceptance.


Requirements for the application for the Final Exam:

  • To collect min. 120 credit from the recommended and optional courses.
  • To fulfil a 4 week long industrial practice.
  • To defence the Thesis.


The procedure of the Final Exam:

  • Students take a complex oral exam based on given topics in front of a Committee.
  • The qualification of Diploma is based on the average mark of the semesters, the mark of the Thesis and the result of the Final Exam.


Passport, Visa and Residence Permit

It is highly recommended to contact the Embassy of Hungary in your country before you make any travel arrangements.


Visa Free Entry

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( you can find a list of those countries whose citizens are exempted from the visa obligation if they are travelling to Hungary and hold a valid travel document entitling them to visa-free travel. However, three-five days after entering the country, need to contact the Immigration Office in Szeged and apply for their residence permit. Furthermore, it is recommended to ask the Hungarian Embassy for confirmation of the information posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

Student Visa Required

  • Students from outside of the Schengen Treaty Area have to hand in their visa application to their local Hungarian Embassy or Consulate. Please note that the period of the Student Visa procedure takes a minimum of 30 calendar days. In order to start the procedure of applying for the Student Visa, the Embassy concerned requires the student to submit
  • a valid passport (the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at least three months). Three-five days after entering Hungary, students need to contact the Immigration Office in Szeged and apply for their residence permit. For details regarding the visa application and downloading the application form please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

The Hungarian Embassy may require:

  • 1. Proof of credited tuition fee. This certificate needs to be requested from our recruiting company, College International at
  • 2. Proof of temporary accommodation. This certificate needs to be requested from the University Admissions Office.

Further information: Dr. József CSANADI , e-mail:

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